Zodiac Symbol Tattoo Designs

Have you ever given any thought to zodiac symbols when you've been browsing through catalogues of tattoos?

There are 12 signs of the zodiac and you will definitely be one of them.
Just select your birth date to see which sign you come under.

Aries = begins 21st March- ends 20th April
Taurus = begins 21st April - ends 21st May
Gemini= begins 22nd May - ends 21st June
Cancer = begins 22nd June- ends 22nd July
Leo = begins 23rd July- ends 23rd August
Virgo = begins 24th August- ends 22nd September
Libra = begins 23rd September -ends 23rd October
Scorpio = begins 24th October- ends 22nd November
Sagittarius = begins 23rd November- ends 21st December
Capricorn = begins 22nd December- ends 20th January
Aquarius = begins 21st January ends- 18th February
Pisces = begins 19th February ends- 20th March.

If you are on the cusp of any sign, as an astrologer would say (meaning for example that your birthday is 2oth April...are you then an Arian or a Taurean?) you may need to actively seek out an astrologer to find out exactly which sign you come under.

They'll definitely be able to tell you as they have charts going back years and years as to the exact dates of the change over of the signs.

Each sign of the zodiac carries with it specific traits etc and although horoscopes and astrology phone lines are popular entertainment; the science of astrology is quite complex and revered by many prominent people.

Certainly if you believe in things like' every thing happens for reason' then you'll also believe that we were born at a certain time for a reason and therefore under a specific star sign.

Tattoo fads and fashions come and go, so I always think it's best to have a tattoo that can't ever cease to be relevant and yet will always say something about you.

A lover's name or the date of a marriage may change or be regretted, but your birth date and hence your star sign will never change.

Look up the symbol for your sign; they are quite unique and individualistic as a choice for a tattoo.













Zodiac Symbol Tattoos

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